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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

I think it was somewhere in the middle with DS9 then Enterprise having the best continuity followed by Next Gen then Star Trek. Once they made that initial 10,000 light year jump in "The Gift" then the subsequent jumps in "Dark Frontier" and "Hope and Fear" as well as "Timeless," there didn't seem to be any discrepencies as to their distance to the Alpha Quadrant (well, from Voyager's perspective. Some others were kinda iffy, such as running into the Equinox and the Talaxian colony).

There were various name drops to prior episodes. My one complaint, though, is how frigging huge the Delta Quadrant is. Just of the top of my head, they jumped 10,000 light years in both Dark Frontier and The Gift, 20,000 or so in Timeless not to mention the other jumps they made, factoring in the five years, they'd traveled almost 45,000 light years and were STILL in the Delta Quadrant. They should've at least been in the Beta Quadrant by that point.

BTW, I'm ignoring such inconsistencies as the shuttle count and photon torpedo compliment
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