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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I never understood the problem people have with that effect. I think it looks dynamic and cool as hell.

It's only when Snyder makes the entire movie look that stylized and overly-choreographed that things start to go wrong (and characters suddenly look like just props in a music video).
Because it shows a lack of subtlety and creativity. It also shows a lack of restraint or an appreciation of the art form.

On the Terminator 2 commentary, James Cameron made a comment that he doesn't use slow motion during action scenes, and least not often. But he WILL use slow motion to build to an action scene but the action itself will play out normally. Imagine the scene in T2 where Sarah sees Uncle John for the first time. That was in slow mo, and was perfect. But when Uncle John beats up the security guards assaulting her, that's played real. If Cameron had sped up and slowed down and sped up that moment simply because it was a cool-looking gimmick it would have been sloppy story-telling and it would have drawn too much attention to itself. "looook! Here's the director working! Check out that style!"

Cameron and Peter Jackson and echelons above Snyder as true story tellers. Snyder is more interested in gimmickry.
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