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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Rejected pilots never just die anymore, do they? Here's the Deadline story about several pilots still kickin'.

Gotham on cable is a good idea; Grimm already has that concept covered in broadcast fashion. Something darker and crazier on FX or even AMC would be nice. It also sounds ready-made for Syfy, though probably too redundant with what Syfy is already developing.

I wish NBC would revisit The Frontier and Beautiful People, but since what I liked most about those was the premise, there's nothing stopping those concepts from coming back around.

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Last Resort looked interesting, but it's going to get killed in that timeslot.
Ouch, yeah - CBS has the male audience locked up with their comedies, and ABC is going to have a challenge attracting that audience anyway, with their soaps heavy schedule. I guess the X-Factor is also an obstacle? I haven't really been following its ratings.

If anyone wants to assess the competition for any of these series, here's the schedule.

666 Park Ave would be better positioned with OUaT as the direct lead-in, but it still should do very well against older-skewing CBS and male-skewing NBC competition.

Revolution is in a good place to attract the young male audience vs Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Given the buzz it's getting, it stands a good chance of drawing people back to TV who have been alienated from it and wouldn't even consider the competition.

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