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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "That's Our Q"

Chapter Four (Part Two)

Two spherical ships emerged suddenly in front of the Lambda Paz and fired energy bolts that easily penetrated the shields.

The crew of the Lambda Paz had seen these ships before. They were from five hundred years in the future, sent by a faction in the Temporal Cold War to alter pivotal events in this time period. They possessed superior firepower and did serious damage, considering these ships eventually phase shifted back into their native time period after about a minute. Commander Kozar and other human officers had nicknamed these ships “death stars” after a hostile starship in a popular science fiction movie franchise.

“Two ‘Death Stars’ have opened fire on us,” Morrison reported, as the two auxiliary consoles behind him exploded, “one to port and one to starboard.”

“You know the drill, Mister Morrison,” Limis replied while firmly grasping both arms of her chair.

“Yes, sir,” the tactical officer responded. “Opening the encrypted file.” After a brief pause while shield and weapon upgrades were being loaded into the tactical mainframe. “The weapon and shield upgrades are coming on-line now.”

The Lambda Paz fired phasers at the port ship, and then at the starboard ship, which nicked their shields and inflicted some minor damage to the hulls. The upgraded shields were more easily able to absorb the enemy weapon impacts.

Kozar looked up from the tactical display to the right of his chair and saw the hostiles still firing on them after exactly one minute had passed since their arrival. “They’re not being pulled back into their native timeframe,” he observed.
“That’s not all,” Morrison grimly noted. “Two more Death Stars are emerging from stern.”

Two vortices formed behind the Lambda Paz and two more spheres emerged from them. As they fired at the Starfleet ship, they were able to slightly weaken the modified shields.
Limis kept a firm grip on her chair as she watched damage being inflicted throughout the bridge as it rocked back and forth. Sparks gushed out of the walls and ceiling. Explosions emanated from both port and starboard engineering consoles.

“Keep firing,” she barked at Morrison. “Ops, throw as much emergency power into the warp drive and the nacelle field emitters. Helm, take us to warp nine-point-three while maintaining our current course. We’re going to try to outrun them.”

Both M’Rev at ops and Sullivan at conn nodded in acknowledgement of the orders.

“They’re matching our speed,” Rebecca calmly noted.

“Program maximum acceleration, Ensign,” Limis instructed. “All aft torpedoes at full dispersal. Fire!”

Quantum torpedoes fired from all aft emitters, doing considerable damage to the hulls of all four ships. Each of them then took turns firing at the Lambda Paz, doing heavy damage to both the port and starboard sides of the saucer section.

“Hull breaches on decks three and five,” M’Rev called over the commotion.

“Hostiles are still closing,” Morrison added. “The modified shields are buckling.”

“Keep pouring on,” Limis insisted, even while sensing that the situation was futile. She had started to question Grabowski’s logic of telling her how to stop a galactic cataclysm, but not adequately helping to defeat forces determined to stop her. While contemplating how much time was left before her ship warped into oblivion, Limis heard her control panel chirp. New schematics on the Death Stars appeared on the display screen. One area on the sphere was highlighted, indicating the critical portion of the hostile vessel.

“Take us out of warp, helm,” she blurted, much to the surprise of Kozar and the rest of the bridge crew, as if wondering if the plan was to ram the four ships. “Move us about to take them head on.”

“Captain?!” Rebecca gasped.

“Do it,” Limis fired back. “Morrison, target phasers on the following coordinates.” She entered a set of coordinates, which were then transmitted to the tactical station.

The Lambda Paz quickly fell out of warp arched around towards the spheres, as they matched their targets’ deceleration.

“Bring us to within a thousand kilometers of the closest ship,” Limis nervously instructed as the bridge continued shaking.

“Captain, what are you doing?” Kozar impatiently demanded.

“Phasers locked on target,” said Morrison with a similar look of skepticism.

“Hold for my order,” Limis ordered the tactical officer.

“Within one thousand kilometers,” Rebecca reported, per the captain’s order.


Four different phaser beams erupted from the both of the Starfleet vessel’s dorsal emitters, scoring direct hits on all four spheres. As a result, all four attacking ships were each pulled into a crackling vortex before disappearing entirely.

Kozar and Morrison both smiled in Limis’s direction, possibly more relieved than feeling the euphoria of saving the ship from disaster. Rebecca glanced at her captain with an approving grin while M’Rev stared at the viewscreen with a terrified look still in his eyes.

“ETA at the Dyson Sphere?” Limis inquired as she triumphantly rose from her chair.

“Seventeen hours, twenty-six minutes,” Rebecca answered.

“Incoming hail from Admiral Jellico,” M’Rev called as he looked up from his communications board. “He’s requesting our location, speed, and heading.”

“Tell him we’re on a classified mission for Starfleet Special Ops,” Limis deadpanned as she sauntered towards the ready room entrance.

Kozar sensed this claim was false, and was about to follow her into the ready room when an officer handed him a padd containing damage reports.
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