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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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The Man from UNCLE suffered that fate. Only hard-core (and I do mean hard core fans) will get the chance to own that because it's too much all at once for most of us to spend.
Amazon has the whole series for $100 ($90 used). That's certainly less expensive than you'll find any batch of 105 episodes from the Star Trek franchise (any series).
True, if you have the $100. I'm lucky to scrape together maybe $20 every few months for such things. Maybe $30 if I cut corners on my other expenses. That's just about enough for one season set of any other show. At that rate it would take half a year or more to get TMfU, and only if I had an active credit/debit card.

Yes, I realize I would pay more over the long run, but such is the life of a person with a severely restricted budget.
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