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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

I loved the story of the little boy getting to meet the Avengers.

The Evans' mother must be a sweet lady. I heard something similar about her and her other actor son. What is his name? I think it is Scott. I don't recall the particulars though.

It was great of Tom Hiddleston to be so kind.

I went back last night and watched it for the second time. I really don't remember what I gave it in the poll but I would still go for a solid B+ or A.

I would say that The Dark Knight is my favorite comic book movie of all time. It is in A+ territory all by itself.

However, I value The Avengers for different things.

I don't feel that it got bogged down by exposition. I don't feel that they just blew shit up to take up screen time. And, it actually worked well as an ensemble film. I don't feel that any of the characters were really short changed, and it did a great job of introducing characters from a slew of films that many people may not have seen.

Personally I had only seen Thor and the 1st Iron Man. But the characters were introduced into this movie in such a way that I understood enough of their backstory to get what they were doing in the film.

The movie was not vulgar nor did I feel it to be condescending and mindless either.

Any more too many movies go for the cheap joke or just explosion after explosion to hide their lack of plot.

Was it Shakespeare? (Not even Shakespeare in the park.) However, it was well paced, pretty well written and good fun.

I left the movie theater having had a good time and did not feel cheated or slimy.
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