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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I'm rather busy today and bought a lot of books, so I won't be able to comment on most of them right now, but I wanted to post my thoughts on Fantastic Four 605.1, which is my pick of the week.

This is the story of Reed Richards and company on an Earth where the Nazi's won WW2 and rule the world. This Reed still makes his historic flight, along with the "Sturm" siblings and the "Jew pilot", Ben Grimm, at the behest of Hitler himself.

When Reed comes upon a stumbling block in his calculations, it is the work of a brilliant yet humble scientist named Viktor Von Doom that makes the breakthrough. Reed then "rewards" Victor by disecting his brain and transplanting some of it to his own head.

Reed convinces Grimm, and then gives him the means, to kill Hitler. Reed then kills Grimm and the Sturm siblings, leaving the world to his own "gentle care". Richards obtains an Infinity Gauntlet and massacres the heroes of the world, but in an uncontrolled moment, accidently destroys his own Earth.

He then decides that his destiny is to "fix everything". To this end, he recruits two other Reeds from other dimensions and forms "The Council of Reeds". Yes, this is the origin of the council, and the Reed from Nazi-Earth is the bald, bearded Reed that we met in Hickman's first arc.

Remember that it was this Reed who showed 616-Reed "The Pit", where the council kept all of the lobotomizized Dooms, and told him that Doom was the greatest threat in all the multi-verse. And yet, the Doom of Nazi-Earth didn't appear to be a threat to anyone... except Nazi-Reed. The implications are staggering. How many Dooms did the council "neutralize", and how many of them were actually evil? Were all the Dooms actually a threat to the multi-verse, or just to the Council of Reeds? Mind-boggling stuff.

If there were ever any doubt that the Council was a bad idea, this issue should put them to rest. The fact that Hickman is giving us this realization on top of where he left 616-Doom, makes it all the more sad to me that he is leaving the book.
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