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Downloaded it and loved it! They took the look of Legacy and expanded upon it with some great homages too - I liked the incorporation of the first film's "hockey goalie" armor on the stormtrooper guards, and the use of the old movie look for Tron (and now Beck?).
Yeah, the use of the original white costume was a nice touch. I don't much care for the visual style of Legacy, the way it's reduced the Grid to near-monochrome. In the original movie, only the characters/programs had monochrome lighting; the world they inhabited was richly colorful. And it wasn't just a CGI approximation of the physical world, but embraced the exotic and abstract. I was bugged by the scene in this pilot where the Beck character ended up in a snowbank. That's just too mundane an environment for the Grid.

I'm not crazy about the other visual aspects of this show. I don't care for the ultra-skinny character designs (I didn't like that style when Peter Chung used it in Aeon Flux and Phantom 2040 either), and I don't care for the low frame rate in the animation, the jerky movements. But maybe I can get used to the visual aspects, and the story seems okay so far, though it's a bit by-the-numbers. And the timeframe of the story has its problems, similarly to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because we know going in that the heroes' cause is doomed to failure.

But Bruce Boxleitner's voice has really gotten rich and powerful with age, hasn't it? It's just great to listen to. He's pretty much the main reason I'm watching this.
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