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Re: The very best episodes

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The best:
“The Tholian Web”
What does anyone see in Tholian Web?

I mean, seriously. The episode sucked. It was static, and with Kirk mostly absent it driven mostly by the character interaction between Spock & McCoy, and their interaction is TERRIBLE. Poorly written, not well thought out, over acted.

If you want to see Spock & McCoy deal with issues of command, re-watch Obsession to catch the key conversation in Kirk's quarters. Don't bother with Tholian Web.

I think the real reasons most people like Tholian Web (I count myself among them) are the following :

1. It introduces one of the most exotically alien ever seen in star trek, even to this day. Insectoid races seem very rare in star trek, and it's really cool that they are in TOS.

2. The tholian strategy (while a little silly) of making a web is a very unique idea and seems cool for what seem like "space spiders"

3. I REALLY like the viewscreen conversation scene between Loskene and the enterprise crew. The voice of loskene and the special effects are incredibly well executed IMO

4. Less shatner. don't get me wrong, I love shatner and I love kirk, but it's refreshing to have an episode centered more on spock and mccoy.

5. the idea of kirk phasing in and out of space seems ahead of it's time. It also resulted in the really cool and kinda spooky scene of Uhura seeing kirk in her mirror. I think that's one of the best Uhura scenes of all time. This idea was revisited in lonely among us, when Picard finds himself in a similar situation

these are the reasons that come to mind first, but there are more i'm sure
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