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Re: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" Line-by-Line!

Here is the list of participants for our latest completed episode!

1. CoveTom
2. Athena28
3. Enterprise1981
4. JanewayRulz!
5. BlueStuff
6. LeadHead
7. Vanyel
8. leandar
9. Alienesse
10. Ziz

Those names should be in the order in which each person first posted to the thread. No "weight" is given for who posted more or less often.

And, now the moment you've all been waiting for!, Activate Heisenberg Random Number Confinement Beam!


CoveTom!... wait... what?

*rechecks calculations*

Uh, yeah. Holy crap. It picked me again. Wow. Well, I guess I'll accept it this time, because prior to this thread, I hadn't picked an episode in a long, long time. But if for some reason I come up the chooser a third time in a row, I will graciously pass.

Anyway, for reference, here's what we've done:

The Original Series
Where No Man Has Gone Before
The Man Trap
The Menagerie
Journey to Babel
The City on the Edge of Forever
The Doomsday Machine
Requiem for Methuselah
The Trouble with Tribbles
Spock's Brain
Space Seed
Mirror, Mirror
The Tholian Web
Bread and Circuses
Amok Time
The Corbomite Maneuver
Balance of Terror
Tomorrow is Yesterday
The Squire of Gothos

The Animated Series
The Counter-Clock Incident

The Next Generation
Measure of a Man
Yesterday's Enterprise
Peak Performance
The First Duty
The Best of Both Worlds
Sins of the Father
All Good Things...
Face of the Enemy
Cause and Effect
Chain of Command
Q Who?
Lower Decks
Deja Q
The Enemy
Remember Me
Data's Day
The Defector

Deep Space Nine
The Visitor
Trials and Tribble-ations
The Way of the Warrior
Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast
Favor The Bold/The Sacrifice of Angels
Far Beyond the Stars
The Homecoming/The Circle/The Siege
The Maquis
In the Pale Moonlight
Second Skin
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang

Bride of Chaotica
Dark Frontier
Future's End
Message in a Bottle
The Voyager Conspiracy
Body and Soul

Shuttlepod One
Borderland/Cold Station 12/The Augments
In a Mirror, Darkly
The Forge/Awakenings/Kir'Shara

Let me cogitate the possibilities and I'll be back shortly with my selection.
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