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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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Series that don't complete their DVD releases.

That's my biggest pet peeve, but I always assumed it was a business decision, meaning the first seasons didn't sell well so they aren't going to invest the money to transfer more seasons to DVD. A few series just off the top of my head are TJ Hooker, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Nash Bridges. I know there are a lot more. I would love to have complete collections of all these series but I figure it will never be.
NYPD Blue. I still live in hope, even though it's obviously misguided......
Another disappointment I forgot to mention is when a show gets released only in some super-special deluxe limited edition all-or-nothing set for some outrageous price by a boutique outlet like Time-Life Home Video.

The Man from UNCLE suffered that fate. Only hard-core (and I do mean hard core fans) will get the chance to own that because it's too much all at once for most of us to spend.
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