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There's too many of them to keep track of. I just saw someone's avatar said 'Star Force' and the director's titles sound cool - I'll have to look them up. So this is technically an original property which gives them all that much more authority and control which is always best. 'Star Command' is sounding better to me though and just rolls off the toungue better. Space Command sounds like 'Space Cases' or Trek's Space central and makes me think Batman's in it. Oh, well, It's all in the execution.

It's a smart platform in any case. I hope this is the beginning of many such projects popping up here and there gaining national recognition and making the big leap back into the big ponds. Doesn't Netflix and/or Amazon sponser pilots like this or run contests for such properties to be made by them? but I guess you would have to sign over your life to them and make pennies on the dollar.
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