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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

"Horror In The Heights ****

A mythical Indian spirit is devouring the flesh of its victims.

A different kind of Indian lore this time. This time a Rakshasa is loose in an old Chicago neighbourhood populated by seniors. Like the Salt Vampire from Star Trek the Rakshasa can assume the form of a person its potential victim knows and trusts and thus make them easy to attack wherein the creature then devourers the victim's flesh.

Kolchak picks up the only weapon that can kill the creature from an aged Rakshasa hunter who is no longer able to combat the creature.

This was decent, but I found the resolution came a little too quickly. It didn't really draw out the tension.

"Mr. R.I.N.G." *****

An A.I. robot escapes from a top secret lab and wreaks havoc.

Kolchak dabbles in science fiction in trying to learn what kind of creature has superman strength and can kill with one hand while also robbing a library and a funeral home. This was kind of neat and it turns out the monster, or robot, isn't inherently evil but rather lost and confused as well as possessing a survival instinct. What is amusing is that in an age when hand held calculators were just starting to get into the marketplace in this story we have scientists build an A.I. in humanoid form that surpasses anything we can do today. Hence the science fiction.

And this time it isn't Kolchak, but simple human fear that kills the "monster."
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