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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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John Favreau says that as a producer he'll be heavily involved in Iron Man 3.
The director went on to say that he’ll be “very involved” in Iron Man 3, and it’s clear that he’s been keeping up with Black and Downey throughout pre-production. I’m eager to see what they cook up, but I’m already encouraged by the fact that they’re focused on making IM3 very much its own story separate from The Avengers.
I didn't see a mention that his Happy Hogan would have a role but if he's going to be that involved I should hope that he will be returning just as an actor for the few weeks his scenes would take to film.
I think I saw it mentioned somewhere that Favreau will reprise his role as Happy in IM3. Good to see he will be playing an active role as a producer, I think Favreau is a good director who did very good things with Iron Man and IM2's problems were largely not his fault and due to the weight of setting up The Avengers.
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