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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Learning Curve

I Favorite part: There were some great lines in this episode:

Chell, “Maybe he [Tuvok] will slip and plunge to his death”!

Neelix and Tuvok:
Neelix: Come with me. I want to show you something. These are Keela flowers. They're beautiful and remarkably strong. The stem is flexible. It's impossible to break. But, occasionally, on the same plant, there's a bloom whose stem is not so flexible. Ah, here's one, see? And when the stem is brittle, it breaks.
Tuvok: "You're saying that the Maquis crew is rigid and inflexible, that they will never adjust to Starfleet rules."
Neelix: "No, Mr. Vulcan. I'm saying that you are rigid and inflexible. But maybe if you learn to bend a little, you might have better luck with your class."
I love it that Neelix actually calls him Mr. Vulcan. Neelix gives him great advice: find out what they are like and change your teaching style to match.

Dalby: “Lieutenant [Tuvok] if you can learn to bend the rules we can definitely learn to follow them”.

Least favorite part: Dalby didn’t have a black eye after he was punched by Chakotay…..I also felt that this episode could have been aired a little sooner. The misunderstandings and confusions that the Maquis have are natural because most were never trained in Starfleet. It makes sense to having “training” and the ship would function better due to it.

This wasn't supposed to be the season 1 finale. IIRC that would have been "The 37's", which for some reason was moved to be the premiere of season 2.

When you watch it, you will understand why it works better as an ender than a beginning.

In the same vein, I think season 2's Elogium was supposed to be in season 1.
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