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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

I'm wondering how Extremis will fit into the established Iron Man movie mythos. It's nanotech, and the way it shows up in the comics involves stuff like loating armor pieces, telepathic interfaces to technology, a golden layer of armor that is stored inside Tony's bones, and Wolverine-esque accelerated healing. I wonder if, between this and the supposed involvement of the Mandarin and his nigh-mystical alien magic, is it too much compared to what's happened so far?

I do like the concept (and the Extermis armor in the comics is one of my favorite incarnations) but compared to the relatively straightforward technology I'm concerned it would be too fantastic an element to translate into live action. I think what they've done with Whiplash and Ion Monger still gave them a grounded look, but Extremis as a technology could stretch the boundaries of a believable look in this franchise. Thoughts?

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