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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

I'm sure it was a glitch but I've just watched all 75 episodes of Lion Force Voltron from the '80s. Each set came with a booklet. Except Volume 5-Black Lion, it did not have a booklet with it. The booklets had a large size thumbnail of a scene from the episode and a write up several sentences long. The last page of the book contained Voltron behind the scenes history. I really don't think they didn't do a booklet for S5, I think the machine glitched and I got that set.

Also, in support of the film I got the initial week release of Underworld Awakening. Now I've know for awhile they were pushing people to Blu-Ray by placing more and more extras there. The DVD release was bare bones. A commentary means not much to me, may as well be nothing.
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