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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

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Was Firefall the one with the doppleganger? I remember that one being quite creepy in places, especially when the doppleganger was grinning in through the church windows!

I still wish the show had been slightly creepier, but it is fun and McGavin is always a joy to watch.
Yes, thats the one. And, yes, the church window scene is creepy.

"The Energy Eater" ****

A mythical entity is destroying a new hospital.

Definitely not your typical monster. And you can only see it with special film. Neat that Kolchak has some willing to believe him for a change and even help him to some extent albeit reluctantly

Kolchak is alternately a goof (love it!) as well as can be pretty slick and audacious at times. He'll worm his way into just about any situation just to look into an anomaly that most people would just walk right by.
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