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I get that, but industry experience alone doesn't sell me on contributing to anything. Is the project interesting, AND does it have the right people? That's what I want to see.
It does have the right people, I know a few of them but there are still some gaps. I am not sure i'm sold on the 50's type style though, the retro nature is cool in a lot of ways, but i'm not sure its for everyone. Doug has always been a retro sorta guy.

I am also interested in watching how their pledge drive goes. I have seen Kickstarter work for some, but fail for others. It's really all about the product they are pitching. It they could get enough funds to string together a small trailer that would help there cause.
The Buck Rogers Begins Kickstarter failed utterly, for instance.

I don't think they need to shoot a trailer, but I would like to know something about what the show is rather than it merely harkening back to those thrilling Space Patrol days.
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