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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Last Resort especially is one where I wonder, how far did they think this through? If Andre Braugher is aghast at the idea of killing innocents, his nukes aren't much of a threat. I can't imagine how he'd be able to find a target that's guaranteed to hit only "the bad people who are behind all of this."

Also: didn't he know that taking orders to nuke a country, no questions asked, would be a possible part of the job when he took it?

Anyway - TNT and TBS have announced their future development slates, with some genre stuff mixed in.

TNT - The Last Ship – In this exciting action/adventure project based on the popular novel by William Brinkley, the crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic decimates most of the earth’s population. Michael Bay (Transformers) intends to direct the pilot if it is green lit.

TBS - Zone Lord Conan O’Brien serves as executive producer on this sitcom with an intergalactic twist. Three roommates awake one morning to discover an evil but very hip alien has moved into their building, along with his diminutive navigator.

Zone Lord
sounds like it could be fun, depending on casting.

As for tone, we won't be getting TNT mixed up with AMC anytime soon:

At TNT, whatever the form or genre, we’re using what we call the ‘popcorn mindset’ as the guiding principle behind all our development
And that goes double for TBS:

TBS’s original series are being developed to be compatible with the cable network’s two marquee off-network acquisitions, The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy.
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