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Downloaded it and loved it! They took the look of Legacy and expanded upon it with some great homages too - I liked the incorporation of the first film's "hockey goalie" armor on the stormtrooper guards, and the use of the old movie look for Tron (and now Beck?).

The story seems to be setting up a sort of superhero mythos, with Beck pulling a secret identity gig - something neither Tron movie executed, so this will be fun to see some depth to the Grid citizens. Really looking forward to this!

I did note however that the runtime of this preview is slightly over 30 minutes... If this is a ten-part miniseries, is this some expanded version of the episode? Will it premiere on Jun 7 with a 22-minute version of this episode? The pacing of this preview was exceedingly well done IMO, it would be tough to see it lose one third of its runtime to commercial. OTOH, maybe this is a two-parter premiere..?

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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