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Television and movie sci fi has never broken "new ground" thematically or in terms of ideas - period. It lags prose sf by twenty to thirty years at best (even 2001 was based on adapting ideas that Clarke had been writing about for a generation), and even then is limited to genres of storytelling that have mass appeal.
I believe I said just this in the Future of ST thread a week ago, however for our definition, we'll have to use SF that breaks ground in terms of the screen...a handful of such movies exist: 2001, Blade Runner, The Matrix series, Inception, Star Wars, Avatar, District 9...

On TV both TOS and STNG broke ground on many levels, adapting what worked in SF literature or science for the previous 20-25 years for modern audiences. Lost changed the face of SF/genre TV for years to come. Heroes was as good as any superhero movie for it's first season. Max Headroom was years ahead of it's time.

What I'd like to see is NEW SF that explores speculation on what's happening in the next 30 years...running out of food, virus outbreaks, or natural disaster movies are pretty lacking these days, they take the easy way out by going extreme and don't take the brave road to explore worlds where possibilites lead in other directions. While Space Command could be fun, it's somewhat disheartening seeing a 50s era rocket with 21st century FX.

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