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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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You forgot: Shitty packaging.

The TNG sets had this problem, and how. You had to take one box out of another box, then unfold about six or seven times before you could get to the disc you wanted. Nowadays almost all DVD boxed sets have those little slimline cases inside, one for each DVD, which is much better. But those damned fold-fold-fold-fold...
I got a Northern Exposure DVD the other day, and all 6 discs were fitted into one standard size DVD case they use for one movie.

Makes me wish they had just started doing this from the beginning, as I would have a lot more room on my shelves.

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The TNG DVD packaging was divine compared to the crappy packaging that Paramount offered for the DS9 DVD sets.
Agreed. I treat my dvds very well and yet all my DS9 sets either have tiny cracks in the thin plastic disc holders or the inside cover with the episode listings has snapped off. They are very badly made.
Think that's bad? I complained to Paramount because the plastic trays that held the discs in the UK release of DS9 actually cracked the centres of the discs when trying to remove them. They replaced seasons 1-4 for me free, without question. 5-7 didn't have the same problem.

The discs actually are still playable though, they just have hairline cracks in the centres, so I transferred the discs to soft cases that still fitted inside the main box, and then sold the new ones on Ebay.
So it goes.
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