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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

^^ I agree.

My favorite moment in "Bad Medicine" is when he puts together the jigsaw puzzle of infra-red negatives to form an image of the creature. Very ominous. That episode is also a great example of adapting ancient folklore to the modern world: Where would the spirit of a cliff-dweller hang out? An unfinished skyscraper, of course.

"The Spanish Moss Murders" is another favorite, because I like swamp creatures almost as much as Werewolves. The use of the sleep study is a great plot device and I love how they brought the ambiance of the Bayou to Chicago. It has an especially good guest cast, too. The one thing that nagged at me about this one was how the monster just kind of dropped to the ground when killed. Shouldn't it have disappeared? Didn't this leave Kolchak with some solid evidence?
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