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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Learning Curve

I like Janeway’s hair in her holodeck scene. It is a different variation of her bun, but better. The kid in the holodeck scene is awesome! Way to scold Janeway on her Latin little man! I don’t understand Janeway’s choice of holodeck novels. Why would you want to be a teacher? You would think she would want a break from being in charge; relax a little…. I guess that’s just part of Janeway’s character.

Tuvok gets to be a bad ass in this episode. It is his responsibility to train the Maquis in order to get them closer to Star Fleet standards. During his first lesson Tuvok gives a brief reason of why the various Maquis were chosen to “participate”. They argue that they didn’t ask to be on the ship and that they have already done the best they can and that they do not want to be in the training. (I like Chell, he’s prett—I hope we see more of him)! The four Maquis leave during the training without permission. It makes sense that the Maquis need training. I would like to have had all Maquis receive some training (unless they were Starfleet previously). They have never had to serve in such a firm rule-enforced environment before. I am surprised we didn’t see this episode a few before now.

Chakotay sits down with the four group members in the mess hall. Crewman Dalby argues that there is the Starfleet way and the Maquis way. In response, Chakotay punches him and says that that is the Maquis way and he can keep on hitting him until they report to Tuvok. (I had to re-wind this scene and watch it again. It is kind of hot when he punches Dalby; his whole demeanor is tough and tuff)!

The next day everyone reports to Tuvok. He lines them up and dress codes all of them like they were Middle school kids! I kind of hoped Dalby would have had a black eye…no such luck. At the same time the Gel packs are going bad and there is a limited amount and they cannot be replicated (why?). B’Elanna has a great idea to bring the gel packs to the doctor because they are bio-neural. The doctor finds that they are sick and contagious. They have to turn off part of the ships functions, including the replicators until the Doctor can find out what is wrong with them.

Back to my favorite part; Tuvok torturing the Maquis. He brings them on a cat and mouse hunt through Jeffries tubes and then on a 10 kilometer run. Chell has some fantastic facial expressions. I really hope we see more of him! War games! Dalby is in charge. He fails to retreat when he should and remarks to Tuvok that they are just not Starfleet material. Dalby seems a little angry and his acting a little forced. Henley is a little bland too. She just stands around in the background and her facial expressions/gestures are void. Garon seems alright. He is quiet and shy, but I like his disillusioned angry face. He always looks smug in the background.

While getting great advice from the ship’s pseudo-counselor/moral officer (Neelix) Tuvok finds that Neelix’s cheese-making bacteria is what caused the contagion in the gel packs. (Neelix looks so sad that he caused harm: he is so kind-hearted)!

While getting to know the Maquis he brings them to Paris’ sultry holodeck program in the Pool Hall. Dalby gives Tuvok a little bio on himself (hate, hard-life, love, lost love (killed and raped) which led to his entry into the Maquis. They talk about Garon; his weaknesses and the hardship that he is facing being stranded on the VOY. (Hey, the holodeck program had a computer screen in the background----the rest of the program is not technological advanced---I call an error!)

The ship is falling apart. The Doctor is in a rush to find the cure and Tuvok is locked in his room with the four Maquis. A gas is being leaked and they have to get in a Jeffries tube in order to be saved, but Garon is knocked out on the second deck. Dalby tries to save him, but Tuvok orders him into the Jeffries tube and forcibly puts him in it and goes to save Garon himself. (And then he drops him from half-way down the ladder---they definitely have some bruising). The Maquis then save Tuvok and Garon.

Favorite part: There were some great lines in this episode:

Chell, “Maybe he [Tuvok] will slip and plunge to his death”!

Neelix and Tuvok:
Neelix: Come with me. I want to show you something. These are Keela flowers. They're beautiful and remarkably strong. The stem is flexible. It's impossible to break. But, occasionally, on the same plant, there's a bloom whose stem is not so flexible. Ah, here's one, see? And when the stem is brittle, it breaks.
Tuvok: "You're saying that the Maquis crew is rigid and inflexible, that they will never adjust to Starfleet rules."
Neelix: "No, Mr. Vulcan. I'm saying that you are rigid and inflexible. But maybe if you learn to bend a little, you might have better luck with your class."
I love it that Neelix actually calls him Mr. Vulcan. Neelix gives him great advice: find out what they are like and change your teaching style to match.

Dalby: “Lieutenant [Tuvok] if you can learn to bend the rules we can definitely learn to follow them”.

Least favorite part: Dalby didn’t have a black eye after he was punched by Chakotay…..I also felt that this episode could have been aired a little sooner. The misunderstandings and confusions that the Maquis have are natural because most were never trained in Starfleet. It makes sense to having “training” and the ship would function better due to it.
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