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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

These complaints aren't specific to any one DVD, but are about general trends in video releases:

1) lack of special features on the 1-disc DVD. You have to buy at least the two-disc version to get what used to be the "standard" package of extras. Some properties take it 1 step further and have Blu Ray only extra features. This is patently unfair to those who cannot afford the 2-discers or are stuck with DVD as opposed to Blu Ray.

2) Series that don't complete their DVD releases. I'm still waiting for X-men Evolution S4 and seaQuest S3.

3) Price gouging on season sets. Paramount/CBS I'm looking at YOU. $25-50 is the standard season set price...Why do you insist on charging $100+ retail for Trek sets?

4) Blu Ray only release (Paramount, looking your way again) I said before, not all of us can afford to buy a new player, and the Blu Rays are $10-15 higher than DVD for the same material.

5) poor quality transfers, esp on materials from the late 90s-early 00s. Esp a problem with animated shows as there seems to be a lot of "ghosting" and "strobing" image-wise. X-Men Evolution, for example, has this problem in spades.

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