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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Huh. Is it 'New Trek' or original Trek I wonder?
Original, no doubt. The Bad Robot folks evidently prefer to have anything set in the new continuity be under their direct supervision, and there's no indication of that here. And the movie continuity has only been established up through 2258; there's simply not enough material yet to base a book like this on. Plus the 150-year timeframe suggests an intention to cover everything from ENT through the original-cast movies.

Odd, though... in that picture in the article, that blue-and-black diagram of a humanoid's anatomy (the second document from the left) has the Trill emblem at the bottom. That suggests it's a diagram of the host/symbiont relationship, which wasn't made public until the UFP was more than 200 years old.
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