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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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First, despite the fact that this takes place before Alien, the Nostromo was essentially a space tractor-trailer, and I think the clunky suits and the dark industrial interior of that ship is a reminder of that fact. These guys were the working class, and wouldn't have top of the line...well anything. The Prometheus meanwhile is a state of the art research ship, so it would make sense that it would have sophisticated new technology and accessories.
What would be really cool is if our heroes in Prometheus encounter a brand-new Nostromo, fresh out of spacedock. It'd highlight exactly what you say, that the Nostromo is an ancient hand-me-down ship that's been in service for years.

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Too bad it probably won't be the same Space Jockey from the first movie.
As I said a day or two ago, it isn't the same Jockey (or Engineer, as the script refers to them). I'm glad about that, really, since the Engineer, and its chair, seen in the Prometheus trailers is horribly out of scale to what was depicted in Alien.

The films take place on different planets, and the Engineers' ship in Prometheus is not the same ship as the derelict seen in Alien.
FWIW, we really don't know that yet. If they've told us that the planets are different, that doesn't eliminate the possibility that the derelict launches from the planet in this movie and ultimately crash-lands on LV-426, to set us up for Alien. As far as the scale being wrong, that can be chalked up to the Space Jockey being A) a matte painting appropriate for 1979 special effects techniques (shoot, it was still good enough for TNG in the 90s) but also B) children were used in the spacesuits to simulate scale. I can't really fault them for the scale being off.
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