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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

"Bad Medicine" *****

An 8ft. ancient Indian is killing the rich to collect a treasure.

You can't watch this and not see how Chris Carter was inspired to create The X-Files. The only real difference is that Fox Mulder probably would have already had a lot of ancient Indian lore in his head while Kolchak has to learn about it. But here we have that wonderful trademark combination of the weird, the creepy and a nice dose of humour.

Kolchak has the knack to see there's a lot in the world still unexplained while most everyone around can him barely see past the end of their nose.

"The Spanish Moss Murders" *****

Kolchak follows a string of murder victims whose chests have been crushed.

More fodder for Chris Carter. A volunteer for a sleep experiment has unconsciously conjured a monster of Bayou legend. He continues to be a goof, but Kolchak's intense curiosity and need to know the truth is stronger than his sense of fear. He takes it upon himself to go down into Chicago's stinking sewers teeming with rats and snakes to hunt a creature no one else would dare believe in.

This monster works because they keep him in shadow and let your imagination fill in the blanks. This one is a real Swamp Thing come to life.

I'm loving this series. Out of nine episodes and two films so far I've hit only two episodes that are disappointments. Those disappointments aren't bad, but just okay and not on the same level of effectiveness as the rest. Unless the second half of this season of episodes nose dives I'd say this was a sadly underrated show. It's clever and quirky and simply fun. I find myself laughing out loud every so often simply because it's that much fun.
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