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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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You can't tell that to the devil I would imagine which is what all this science is ultimately creating - an evil God. Hence the expression the world is going to Hell. The Bible says clearly that everything is evil and controlled by the Devil so his win is our loss.

Well since men created God(s) as well, then he must be evil too.

Why do you say that man is evil? Most people say he's innately good, except only nobody knows what good is or God for that matter. Is he just mr. go do, go make? Telepathy would be bad enough but could you imagine a world where people's mind's became reality. That was the basis for Micheal Chriton's novel 'Sphere' though he referred to it as the power but it was an unconscious power rising to the surface quite literally. The next step in our evolution - transcendance.
I don't think man is inherently evil, religion has a tendency to look at things in absolutes, which I normally do not. Human beings have an equal capacity to do what society considers good or evil, modified by brain chemistry, usually by environment, and very often by opportunity.

Well Chrichton was always a bit of an alarmist, but always something to think about.
You cannot go against nature
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