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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Darker than a Bog Invasion causing billions of deaths and almost wiping out every race inthe Alpha and Beta Quadrants?
Darker than political assasination to manipulate trends in a war?
Darker than genocide?
Darker than Section31?

After 9-11 [ONE terrorist attack that was massivly milked to death by tv and drama] they all became obsessed with darker themes in shows.

Please no we've done enough darkness, we need to go back to the optimism, ask most people why ST appealed to them they often say it was the brighter vision of the future, the 21st century is starting to look like the dystopia from the RoboCop movies so there is a demand for a vision of a brighter future.

With a world now filled with austerity, famines, economic hardship, mass unemployment, rising gun violence, wars etc people don't wanna turn on their tv and be slapped inthe face with the idea that things are going to get WORSE as time goes on. Espechally since the economic end of things is going to get much worse within the next few years before things rebound and society demands a diffrent way of doing things, its more important than ever that a positive vision of the future be portrayed.
Do you want star trek to go back to TNG or VOY style of show. I mean i don't mind as i became a fan of star trek by watching TNG and VOY (my favourite fyi) but nowdays TV programming is quite different from the 80s and 90s.

9/11 really messed things up. A lot of programes on tv nowdays reflect that change. The TV series "24" was hugely sucessful and it was a product of our times.

We could still try to go back to TNG/VOY type of star trek show but will it work nowdays? Will it attract the audience we need to keep star trek alive on TV? The main reason that i support a darker themed star trek series, is that hopefully it will have a longer run on tv.
I'd like to see a show from the perspective of the Romulans or Klingons.
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