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Well guys... Apparently CBS doesn't want these shown. Youtube just removed the COTEOF installment from my account, citing copyright infringement from CBS. I'm not sure how long the others will last, so watch them while ya still can...

If after a few weeks the others aren't removed, I will put COTEOF back up and continue the uploads. If the rest get pulled though, I'm afraid this is the end of the line.

I'm glad to see the clips on youtube and I hope you get back to it. This is important oral history that unfortunately got orphaned when Sci-Fi Channel switched gears. I think COTEOF is a special case drawing special attention because of the litigious registered trademarked author of that episode. (The omnibus script books sold through disappeared for the same apparent reason, to be replaced by individual books except for COTEOF. I collected only the first couple omnibus books before they disappeared, and am still grumpy about it.) There's at least one other COTEOF Special Edition "extras" version out there on youtube anyway, and nothing else seems to be disappearing.

FWIW, I have a full set of 80 of the Sci-Fi Channel SE episodes on tape. Mostly Shatner, with a few Nimoy fills for episodes I missed the first time around for whatever reason. I have begun the process of converting them. But it will take eons with the limited time for it that I have. Although the tapes are 8 hour cheapos and I recorded at EP speed, the good news is that I recorded in S-VHS ET mode, and can get some fairly good results despite glitches.
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