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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

davejames wrote: View Post
Too bad it probably won't be the same Space Jockey from the first movie.
As I said a day or two ago, it isn't the same Jockey (or Engineer, as the script refers to them). I'm glad about that, really, since the Engineer, and its chair, seen in the Prometheus trailers is horribly out of scale to what was depicted in Alien.

The films take place on different planets, and the Engineers' ship in Prometheus is not the same ship as the derelict seen in Alien.

Aeolusdallas wrote: View Post
People usually think the Nostromo in Alien was dark and messy but that was the refinery. The Nostromo was very bright and sterile looking.
Exactly. Nostromo was a virgin that ended up being ripped to pieces by the penis rape machine alien.
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