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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi all.
If you asked any of my friends, they would assume that I was already a member on any number of fora such as this, but for whatever reason it just never occurred to me to share my passion before.

I feel like I'm a huge TNG fan but, even though it's not a competition, I'm way behind some of the more verbose contributors here. It does mean a lot to me though; I watched TOS with my dad in the eighties as a child, and we were both so excited when we learned about TNG. We 'weren't allowed' to watch Star Trek in the living room , so we would hang out in my room to watch. At the weekends, we would make paper-and-glue Enterprises, and discuss the meanings behind the week's episode.

I'm a big Data-whore, can't get enough of the guy. I was incensed when my two year old son smashed the perspex cover from my VHS 'Data's Face' box set a couple of years ago - I held it in pretty well though... I also seem to find Wesley to be a lot less annoying than others do - he was around the same age as me when the show aired, so he was a bit of a hero to me at the time.

I couldn't list my favourite episodes without going through a list of them all, assigning numerical values to criteria such as entertainment value, production value, acting etc, and then making an Excel spreadsheet to tabulate it... but some memorable ones: Inner Light (of course), Starship Mine (great straight-up action), The Offspring. There's many more.

I have lots more to say, and look forward to joining in some of the frankly awesome discussions going on.

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