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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

Speaking of a darker view of the Star Trek Universe.

When I was member of a International Star Trek Fan orginization. I wrote a Star Trek story in order to complete a course in the Marine Training accadamy. I had recieved a mark of honors and was well recieved.

It is an adulty story that followed a unit of Starfleet Marines that had to take down an Orian crime syndicate who Kingpin was an intergaltic drug lord.
It's all based on the technology of Star Trek Post Dominion War.

It is all orginal characters and it is a fun read.

If any one would like to read it I can send it you copy.... there is all types of adult themed items from snipper head shots, nudity,a hollywood over the top hover truck chase, and all types of stuff in it such undercover agents.

It's my take on a darker Star Trek.

I remember reading that before ENT was put into production B&B wanted to do a show based on Jag/NCIS/CSI spinkle in NYPD Blue. Type show that was going to be dark and gritty. Where we would have characters that had flaws and issues they were dealing with. It would be in the TNG/VOY/DS9 timeline just dealing with crimes commited against/by Starfleet personal.
Aliens and was going to show more of life on earth and have the charactors unraveling the cause of the crime/death and less on ships and show more of installations, residences and that type of stuff.

They shelved it and isntead decided to do ENT and they say the rest is history..... the end of ST on TV.
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