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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

Re: "The Werewolf"

A werewolf on a cruise ship isn't a bad idea, particularly if the ship is sailing just when the moon happens to be full.

But there were misses. I understand being constrained by a TV budget, but still where's the creativity. They make a big point of mentioning this is an older ship built in the 1930s and destined for the scrapping yard. Funny, but it certainly didn't look like an old ship to me. It looked more like a relatively current vessel as they were using stock shots of some (relatively) modern liner. Could they not have found footage of an older ship for those long exterior shots? It also would have been easier to overlook if they hadn't shown what looked like a (then) modern looking bridge.

As for the werewolf the make-up/costume was poor. They might have gotten away with it if they'd kept him in shadow, but we saw him in the light and it looked really cheap and unfinished. They also pretty much ignored all the fuss among the passengers if they'd heard prolonged periods of gunfire above decks.

This wasn't horrible, but it just felt rather cobbled together. It started out creepy enough with reference to a family of five, including two children, being attacked and horribly mutilated. But after that the story veers into mostly comedy and next to no tension or drama.

"Firefall" ***

People somehow connected to a symphony conductor are bursting into flames.

A definate X-Files feeling to this story. Indeed I think The X-Files actually did a story about people dying by spontaneous combustion. While this isn't an awesome episode it's a step up from "The Werewolf" because of the weirdness factor. There's some definite WTF sense to it.

"The Devil's Platform" ****

People connected to a politician running for state senator are meeting untimely deaths.

This one gets back to form. Everywhere Kolchack goes there's a large black, menacing dog. But I'm still not sure if the dog was meant to be the devil incarnate himself or it was actually the politician transforming into the form of a dog. But the dog's amulet seemed to be the source of its power and once destroyed rendered it powerless.

Nice eerie feel to this story.
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