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Re: So if the Axis won WWII, the Federation would have never existed?

1. the Germans could never have invaded Britain
That would never have stopped Hitler. After all, he had already done three impossible things before breakfast - conquering Poland in a couple of weeks, taking Norway, and defeating France. He was famous for doing the impossible until reality caught up with him. And sheer daring would have handed him Britain on a platter, as the nation had no defenses to speak about - only an air force and a fleet, which could easily have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, or poorly commanded (this sort of thing is what gave him Norway and France, after all).

2. the Japanese couldn't have invaded Hawaii because they lacked the fleet capacity to get that far across the Pacific with enough troops.
Rather, they distributed and diluted that capacity because they thought in terms of feints and silly schemes. Plus, the scenario presupposes that Edith Keeler was undermining US policy of aggression, meaning Japan wouldn't have been in such a stranglehold in terms of steel and coal and oil.

it's just that, understandably, Germany was the bigger threat. remove that and Britain goes to war on Japan.
Which scenario involved "removing Germany" again? The supposition seems to be that Britain would be removed instead.

Timo Saloniemi
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