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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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PVE is really it at end game right now, and they can't tank or DPS, so kinda not worth having around. Not much they can add that the other two can't do, Cryptic missed the boat on making that class useful.
Would you mind clarifying what you mean about by 'PVE is really it at end game'?
I mean they haven't developed much of anything for you to DO at endgame, and the PvP is awful, so unless you just wanna keep rerunning the episodes, PvE (specifically STFs mostly) are pretty much all you have to do, and gear up for.

After nearly finish leveling a Sci character up (at level 42-43), I've found it's pretty damn spiffy. While I haven't completely leveled up a Tac/Escort character (only up to commander), I find that the Sci character generally has a nice balance of agility and resilience.
Sure, with the regular mission episodes, and to a point. The STFs, though, are timed, and DPS is really the key there. Or, at the very least, tanking and threat control so that the DPS guys can just pound away without getting shot at.

Thought you couldn't do the STFs until you hit Lvl 50?

Have done a couple of STFs with said character, and I find the ability to keep my allies going while shutting down enemy ships invaluable. While the damage output isn't quite as high as my cruiser, I'm still enjoying it.
Not saying it might not be fun to play, and that there aren't uses, just saying that having a SCI show up in your STF group means your odds of winning (or getting the optional, at least) likely just went down. Every second counts, and if you can't put out damage, or absorb it so others can, you're not helping much. You basically just hope that you're the only one, otherwise you end up in an all-SCI group, and are almost definitely not gonna make it in time.

Been the only TAC in a group a few times (once with FOUR SCI ships!), and while they were all decent players, they just didn't have the guns to actually accomplish the mission in time. Cool in a support role, but you're basically dependent on the rest of the team, so not a huge help. If you don't get any TAC to support, you don't make it.

While I haven't done much leveling with my Tac/Escort character (only up to Commander levels), but generally I don't seem it has the resilience I like in a ship. Maybe when I get to higher levels with it, I'll find the alpha strike capability of the ship will win me over.
i didn't really use it until i hit max level, for mostly that reason. The cruiser could take a lot more pounding while I learned to play, and made it easier. Tried an escort once or twice, but i was still flying it and gearing it like a cruiser, so it was sacrificing the ability to tank, and not taking advantage of the offensive ability correctly. Once I smoothed out my build, and had the character spec'ed right, it got a lot easier. Still can't take the pounding I can when i move over to my Gal-X, but generally the bad guys aren't still around to TRY and pound me once I've made a pass or two.

Plus, after flying the escort for a bit, i can't stand the inability to turn in a cruiser. the Oddy mission to pick up the new ship was absolutely brutal. gotta make a 12-point turn to get out of spacedock, and need about 3 solar systems to complete a turn...
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