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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ayel, Nero's second-in-command aboard the Narada.
B is for Blown away, which Romulus was... in 2387.
C is for Centaurian Slug, not Ceti Eel, though I understand the confusion...
D is for Delta Vega, suddenly relocated to near Vulcan.
E is for Earth, on the surface of which the Enterprise was constructed.
G is for McCoy's "Good God, can at least act like it was a hard decision!" ()
H is for hot. See: Rachel Nichols in green.
I is for Insane, Batshit. Nero was. This also may or may not be a plot-hole depending on who you ask.
J is for Johnny, who was originally Kirk's older brother Sam before Abrams cut some early scenes from the film.
K is for Kelvin, U.S.S.
L Is for Like. Scotty likes this ship. It's exciting.
M is for Montgomery Scott. Who would like to get his hands on the Enterprise's ample nacelles if you'll forgive the engineering parlance.
N is for Narada.
O is for Orci. Roberto Orci. One of the co-writers of the film.
P is for Parachutes, detachable?
Q is for Questionable. As in JJ's decision to use a obvious brewery as the set for the Enterprise's engine room. Fresh water processing, ok. Engine room, not ok. There, I said it. Bring it on.
R is for Romulan race, which was all but completely wiped out in the supernova of 2387.
T is for terrible. what this movie wasn't.
U is for uniform. I love the new female uniform Uhura wore. Ashame she doesn't have PrimeUhura's curves to fill it out.
V is for Very good. What this movie was.
W is for War, which Captain Pike stated he thought Nero's attacks might start between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.
X is for Xenolinguistics. Did you know there are three primary dialects of Romulan?
Y is for Yelchin, Anton.
Z is for the smokin' hot Zoë Saldaņa.
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