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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I really need some advice, I am obviously doing something wrong and I can't for the life of me figure out what.

I am currently Rear Admiral, Lower Half (42), and for the last 13 levels have been stopped by this one particular mission. I cannot seem to beat the Romulan ship Sithesh, from the Romulan front mission Ground Zeros. It's heavy photon torpedoes keep tearing me to shreds.

This is my set up:<setup>

Any suggestions you can field to get me past this ship would be greatly appreciated. I have had little problem with ships using beams, but these torpedoes have me stuck.
Well, I've heard horror stories about D'deridex ships being made much stronger in a recent patch, so you're not the only one having trouble.

That said, I just re-did this mission (well, the space part): if I stand there in front of the Sithesh without doing anything, I blow up too.
If I hit Emergency Power to Shields and Tactical Team, the Torpedoes bring me to 85% hull.
If I go on full attack, it doesn't have time to launch Torps

Short-term advice:
1. Playstyle: If you see a Plasma Torpedo coming for you, your first reflex has to be to shoot it down, either through an AoE ability (Cannon Scatter Volley is Escort-friendly option) or directly targetting it.
If you see it too late, hit Brace for Impact and hope for the best, but there's no guarantee you'll survive in an Escort, even with BFI.

This'll be important in STFs as well, Plasma Torpedoes are deadly, as is Donatra's Torpedo Spread (your only recourse there is to anticipate with Brace for Impact).

2. Build:
Let's be honest, there's quite a few things wrong with your build (don't worry, everyone gets it wrong the first time)... but it'd be a waste of EC to buy new Mk X stuff, so, a few low-cost changes you can make:

- Turrets go in the back. Sure, you can put them in Fore slots, but short of a specific experimental 8-Turrets Cruiser, you shouldn't.
Merely swapping your Fore Turret and your back Beam Array increases your front DPS at not cost (the Turret still fires, the Beam joins in).

- Mines suck, at least in PvE. Get a White Turret (of a energy type you're already using) instead of those mines and replace Dispersal Pattern Alpha with literally anything else.

- You've already got Emergency Power to Shields and Tactical Team.
You see the difference they made for me above, so use them. If you can maintain your Shields high enough, the Torpedoes won't harm you significantly.

- Since the problem seems to be Plasma Torpedoes, you could buy 1-2 Monotanium Alloys.
No need to overspend, whites would suffice (you can re-sell whites anyway); they might be called "Plasma" Torpedoes, but they deal Kinetic damage, like all Torpedoes.
This shouldn't be necessary, but gives you a slightly bigger margin for error.

- If that doesn't work, if I'm online feel free to ask me to come help: /tell Thalia@Xhiandra.

Long-term advice (VA):
- Decide on a single energy type and stick with it. I picked Disruptors until I could get a full set of Antiprotons, but you can pick anything... except Plasma.

- Beam Arrays are for Cruisers, for the most part. Standard Escort builds involve:

1) 4 DHCs/DCs.
2) 3 DHCs/DCs+1 (Quantum or Photon) Torp.
3) 3 DHCs/DCs+1 DBB.
4) 2 DHCs/DCs+1 DBB+1 Torp.

1) 3 Turrets.
2) 2 Turrets+1 Torp.

There are pros and cons with all those setups, I'm not going to detail them at length here.
Legend: DC=Dual Cannons, DHC=Dual Heavy Cannons, DBB=Dual Beam Bank.

- Don't hesitate to experiment with setups. Re-spec'ing your BOFFs cost a piddly amount of EC (and BOFF exp becomes a complete non-issue at VA) and you can always experiment with white Mk XIIs, then re-sell.

- I'm reluctant to tell you "you need to get those BOFF abilities and those alone", because it's nice to see different setups but that being said some BOFF abilities are pretty terrible (Dispersal Patterns, Boarding Parties, Mask Energy Signature) and should be avoided.

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