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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Pick a single energy type, and then get a console that boosts it. Shooting Skittles at ships is pretty, but harmless. And then decide whether you really want beams or cannons (and the hint is for Escorts, the answer is cannons). Load up on Dual Heavy Cannons up front (plus a torpedo if you like, and then slap a couple turrets and another torpedo in the rear). Put the turrets in rear only, HUGE waste of DPS having it in front.

You can then change your BOFF skills to actually support your loadout, instead of a little of everything. Cannon rapid fire and heavy fire (whatever that one is called, forget), plus torpedo spread or high yield. No mines.

The ship turns fast, so you can always keep your nose pointed at it for attack runs, so cannons and turrets get the most fire on the ship. And a torpedo in the rear for when you turn around for another run.

The consoles should then boost your energy type only, plus one for the specific torpedo type you picked. Add in the hull boost and shield boosting ones, and you're good to go.

Your loadout is just too generic, and you're losing a lot of potential power that way. Plus it's looking like you didn't really decide if you wanted to build for an escort or a cruiser, so went with a mix that's no good for either
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