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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Heavens, I hate it that I'm defending him here, but...

He'd not admit it, but without a stellar lineup, the first time they were failing to sell many tickets. No tickets, no money to get big guests.
This is what I have a big problem with. His whole weekend convention scam is built around announcing events and only running them if he sells enough tickets. He's been running this business model for years. It's unprofessional and unethical. If you advertise an event, you run it. Period. End of. Creation have been running every single event they advertise for 30 years. If they don't sell enough tickets to make an event or an event in a certain location viable, they don't run it again. This is exactly why they stopped running a yearly Trek event in London. Joiner didn't help himself one jot by going on his forum two weeks after first announcing Warp 10 and slagging off the world and his dog for not buying tickets.

Even in its current death throes, the SF Ball is still getting about 250 people turn up. Joiner's problem is that most UK Star Trek convention attendees are well past the age of 30 and have enough between their ears to not have anything to do with him, unlike most of the Shamasters fan base who are about 16-25 and don't care about being ripped off as long as they think they're having a good time. Not difficult since most of them seem to be very easily pleased. But then if you hang around with Joiner, you're not allowed to be anything else. You'll also probably get fleas.

Rarewolf wrote: View Post
The second time he planned to have it the same weekend as a major US event, so was struggling to get top rate guests.
Something which he was repeatedly told about from the start and yet refused to move the date so that he stood a chance of getting a couple of quality guests.
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