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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Yeah gonna be an interesting season next year, especially with Charlton, Sheff Weds and AN Other coming up as well. I don't see having a lot of strong teams as a bad thing though, they all beat each other and suddenly it becomes a very level playing field...
It's a lot more exciting when no one is running away with it, I agree. I'm hoping Huddersfield come up - if not, Sheffield United so we get the derby to go with the Blackburn/Bolton/Burnley hatefest.

Man City's wages are actively preventing them from selling anyone they don't want (Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Tevez*). Anyone really see UEFA coming down on them over FFP though? Or any big side for that matter? I don't.

As for England's striking options.... you've got no hope of anything whatsoever. You could finish bottom with no points. There's only one man you can really take. With Rooney out, he's the leading English forward in the country and has consistently stepped to every level from non-league to Premier League. He is captain of his team and incredibly consistent, 15 goals or more for the last 3-4 seasons. Andy Carroll had 25 minutes of glory in 18 months. Crouch is a flat-track bully. You want a big man - Grant Holt.

*The worst part of City winning/buying the league is seeing that git with a medal and the trophy. Obnoxious mercenary who stands out in a league full of them.
And Tevez once again proves what a classy individual he is.

It will be interesting to see if UEFA do come down on anyone (and it isn't just Man city, Real and Barca will be in trouble as well.)

Be interesting to see who Roy takes with him striker wise, good point about Holt, I remember people suggesting Norwich would sell him once they were promoted, that he wouldn't cope with the Prem but obviously he has. Whether he's good enough to make another step up is the question, and there have been plenty of tod drawer strikers who've been found out on the International stage (Ian Wright for example)

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Yeah Chelsea did it before them and Blackburn before that. The big test is what they do now, and what effect financial fair play has on them.
Most every club that ever won a championship has. Money doesn't always win, and certainly doesn't every week, but in the long run it usually does. There's no justice in football, unfortunately.
Yeah, some club will always be richer than another, and I don't think there's anything inherantly bad in that, it's just when certain clubs really can just corner the market that it causes problems. And like you say money doesn't automatically translate to success, see Derby in the 90s, Leeds a few years ago or Leicester now.
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