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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Admiral James Kirk wrote: View Post
Spider-Man's cracking funny in the trailer. He doesn't come off as a particularly dour fellow.
I keep seeing this said/typed.

In trailer 2 he makes a crack from the backseat to the car thief.
In trailer 3 he makes the "knives" crack.

I don't recall a trailer one wise crack.

My point is where is all this funny wisecracking Spidey? At the same time the film is held up as "being darker". Can it be wisecracking funny and darker at the same time? Seem like blind wishful thinking to me. Two cracks in the same scene do not make it a more wisecracking Spidey film. The Maguire films had plenty of cracks then according to this measurement stick.
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