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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

At least no one was killed in the fire, though I think the FIA has to look at a few things

1.>Why did the Fire equipment take so long to arrive. Given that in theroy a car could catch fire fire equipment would arrive quicker than they did. What was it 15 minutes?

2.>Why don't the garages have a sprinkler system.

Positives to take however is that the teams managed to get the fire under control using their equipment. McLaren have offered Williams any support they need to get ready for the Monaco GP. Surely these kind of actions show a certain level of comraderie amongest the teams.

But getting back to the race, even with evrything seemingly going wrong fore Lewis, he is still third and only 8 points behind the leaders. Despite not winning a race. But then again he has constantly scored (thus far).
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