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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I really need some advice, I am obviously doing something wrong and I can't for the life of me figure out what.

I am currently Rear Admiral, Lower Half (42), and for the last 13 levels have been stopped by this one particular mission. I cannot seem to beat the Romulan ship Sithesh, from the Romulan front mission Ground Zeros. It's heavy photon torpedoes keep tearing me to shreds.

This is my set up:

Advanced Escort Prometheus model (U.S.S. Serenity Valley)

Commander Tactical
  1. Torpedo High Yield I
  2. Fire at Will II
  3. Attack Pattern Beta II
  4. Attack Pattern Omega

Lt. Commander Tactical
  1. Tactical Team II
  2. Dispersal Pattern Alpha I (mines)
  3. Cannon: Rapid Fire II

Lt. Engineering
  1. Engineering Team I
  2. Emergence Power to Shields II

Lt. Science
  1. Transfer Shield Strength II
  2. Tyken's Rift

Ensign Science
  1. Hazard Emitters I

My weapons are

  1. (very rare) Plasma Beam Array Mk X [Acc][Dmg]X2
  2. (very rare) Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk X [CrtH]X2 [Dmg]
  3. (very rare) Plasma Turret Mk X [Dmg]x3
  4. (very rare) Tetryon Dual Cannon Mk X [Acc][CrtH]

  1. (very rare) Plasma Beam Array Mk X [Acc][CrtD]x2
  2. (very rare) Quantum Mine Launcher Mk X [CrtD][CrtH][Dmg]
  3. (very rare) Disruptor Turret Mk X [Acc][Dmg]x2

Engineering Consoles
  1. (Very Rare) Monotanium Allow Mk X
  2. (Rare) Ablative Hull Armor Mk X

Science Consoles
  1. (uncommon) Biofunction Monidor Mk IX
  2. (rare) Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk X
  3. (rare) Emitter Array Mk X

Tactical Consoles
  1. (very rare) Variable Geometry Detonators Mk X
  2. (very rare) Warhead Yield Chamber Mk X
  3. (rare} Disruptor Induction Coil Mk X
  4. (very rare) Plasma Infuser Mk X

My beam weapons seem to have little affect on the Romulan ship. The Heavy torpedoes go right through my shields, so I tried adding things to buff up the hull. However without making a dent on his shields, His torpedoes are getting me while my hull repairs are timed out.

Any suggestions you can field to get me past this ship would be greatly appreciated. I have had little problem with ships using beams, but these torpedoes have me stuck.
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