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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof have said that they're adhering to the continuity of Aliens, in which it was established that the planet shown in Alien was LV-426. I believe the planet in Prometheus has already been designated LV-423. The derelict from Alien is not the same ship as the one in Prometheus.
I realize it's a different planet, but I would still hope the mood and tone of the movie would be the same, considering it's still the same Alien universe.
Do remember, we're starting off under different pretenses. With Alien, you're starting off with a crew that has been pretty much forced to check something out when they'd they rather be in their pods asleep. With Prometheus. it starts as a grand adventure and they realize that things are not as they hopped. It would be unrealistic to start this movie was trepidation, that feeling of uneasiness has to work itself in as the situation changes for the crew.
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