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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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The DVD release of M*A*S*H pisses me off.

First, there were no special features. That's fine. I can live with that. But then, after waiting six months or more between seasons, about a year after they released the final season they re-released the series. In slim cases. And they released a special collector's set with special features.

I'm not big on fancy boxes for special editions that don't fit on the shelf but it really pissed me off that they re-released the series in the slim cases which would take up half the space the original release does.
What's as annoying is where there change the design part way through the series. I.e S1/2 will have a picture forming on the spine but S3-5 won't. Or they move to slimline packaging halfway through.

Is it so hard to ask that once you start a certain format to keep it?
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