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Re: One-year countdown thread!

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What I want to know is....when are they going to reveal the title of the movie? I am sure they have it by now.
Didn't they wait to reveal the last movie's title until about five months before release date?
I am not sure I remember. I thought it had been known for a while, even before they pushed the date or release back 6 months until May 2009 that the name was going to be just "Star Trek." If I am wrong we may have to wait quite a while before we learn the name of the sequel.
I spent a few minutes digging, and found a 2007 interview which is cited by several Trek reference sites as evidence that the movie title was always going to be simply "Star Trek", but it reads to me as Orci and Kurtzman saying only that they hoped that's the way it would be. I also recall a fair amount of fan speculation on possible alternate titles or "Star Trek: ______" titles filling in the blank with tag-lines from posters (ex: "Star Trek: The Future Begins"). I'm pretty certain, though I haven't tracked it down yet, that I remember an official final statement concerning the title coming sometime after the announcement in December 2008 that all work had been completed and that the film was locked - quite late in the game, anyway.
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