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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

"They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be" ****

Kolchak's investigation into missing zoo animals might be linked to a UFO.

An invisible alien! Why not? Certainly saves on the f/x expenses. Again the low-key touches work. This time Kolchak doesn't waste much time trying to convince anyone of what he believes. And at the end we get to see a genuine alien spacecraft, something that actually took Mulder and Scully a while longer to do.

Almost everything James Gregory appears in makes him look like a goof. The only two good turns I've seen from him are in the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate and Star Trek's "Dagger Of The Mind." At least in Barney Miller as Inspector Luger he fit the show's sense of comedy.

The government guys stay pretty much in the background...and they're not driving a black sedan...or even an LTD.

"The Vampire" *****

Kolchak has another vampire to find only this time in Los Angeles.

Kudos to the writers for creating a different vampire and tangentially tying it to the events in Las Vegas from the first movie. They don't connect it directly, but the connection is there just by referring to a string of murders between Vegas and LA.

Kolchak is something else. He's a goof and something of a klutz---watching him trying to be stealthy in the dark while knocking over everything is a riot---and yet rather than walk away he takes it upon himself to do what no one else thinks of doing. He doesn't just go out to find the creature to satisfy his curiosity, but goes prepared to do what needs to be done even though he's scared shitless.


"The Werewolf" ***

Kolchak is aboard a cruise ship full of passengers...and a rampaging werewolf.

There's a definate strain of comedy in this series, more so than The X-Files (which had its own kind of dry humour). And seeing Eric Braeden, who will later go on to play Victor Neuman in the soap The Young And The Restless, as a werewolf is definitely funny.

This one was missing the air of tension the previous episodes had...or at least I thought so. It has its moments, but it didn't strike me as quite as good. Part of the problem for me was the way the werewolf was done. It should have been kept more in shadow where the less-than-inspired makeup would be less evident.
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